Artistic Process

creative process

My study is based on expressing the energies surrounding me. Truly engaged in the act of painting, I accept both its spontaneity and the accidental irruption of colors. Seduced by a certain ideal of beauty, I listen to the chromatic vibrations who cast a light on reality, which helps me remodel it: hovering between figuration and abstraction. Be they small or large, my works find a rhythm while working in series and this process serves as a mise en abyme, a ritual well entrenched in my studio.

My work also recalls a form of magic while the subject is inscribed in my memory. The choice of complex chromatic tonalities is often informed by three tones. With this trihedron, an imaginary spring comes to mind, recalling tulips, roses, forget-me-nots, peonies, poppies and daisies. I work touch by touch, in a dissonant harmony. A framework composed of objects with a personal symbolism accommodates this representation.

I use acrylics with a mix of numerous technics: from dry to very wet, almost like watercolor. I build my pictorial touches by using brushes and charcoal, and movement is also important, allowing for various structures and refined colors to emerge. My compositions are mainly frontal and the absence of perspective favours a certain sensuality in my paintings.